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Article by Sorcha O’Higgins.

Galeria Union Show Art in San Telmo

Defi Gagliardo, known simply as Defi in the art world, is one of the godfathers of porteno street art. Having studied design in the UBA, Defi Gagliardo first used the public realm as a means of crude marketing for a fanzine he and some friends were producing whilst at university, writing on the walls to promote it. He began in earnest using the urban landscape as his canvas after the economic crash of 2001, when he looked to the city as a medium for direct communication with the spectator in a time of crisis. His work is characterized by the use of bold explosions of colour, varying from the abstract to the figurative and often featuring his childhood pet cat as a protagonist.

But his work is not solely confined to the streets. Defi has his own clothing line, Lindo Killer, is part of the multi-disciplinary collective FASE and also works with digital media, sculpture, urban intervention and exhibitable work on canvas and found objects.

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“F*&#, I missed” is a solo show by Defi being held in Galeria UNION in San Telmo and is showcasing over 100 works. The show celebrates those moments of chaos and error which create unintentional beauty. The press release says “a wrong turn uncovers a hidden gem, a mistake in the science lab heralds a new discovery, a slip of the tongue results in a brilliant new phrase. Accidents can lead to all kinds of wonderful, unimagined outcomes.”

Galeria Union Buenos Aires San Telmo

The artists’ energy pervades every corner of the gallery, with small scale wooden t-shirts and donkeys squeezing in around large format canvasses featuring his signature cat, giving you the sensation of being inside his brain. The miniature sculptures in a smaller room at the back of the gallery are captivating, with LED lights illuminating wacky scenes that read as a sort of tribute to Americana, chaos and sci-fi. Inside tiny clapboard houses, scale models of masked men wrangle a glowing ball of cryptonite, or the wreck of a model train is suspended in mid-air with miniature figures climbing its broken carcass. Defi’s work gives you the opportunity to see and enjoy the world as he enjoys and sees it through his endearing art.

The show is running until January 30th. 

Galeria Union.