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Buenos Aires and Kids!

The best things to do with your kids in BA

Buenos Aires for Kids

By Lauren Dulberg.

Experiencing a city with and without kids is an entirely different thing. Luckily Buenos Aires is a very family friendly city. It is totally acceptable to be out with kids until 12 am on a school night, breast feed while walking down the street and for a 5 year old to be eating dulce de leche all day. Having a child here from when you enter into the immigration line at the airport, to the subway, to the line at any grocery store is basically the same as having a VIP pass. Old women will want to come and hold your children, give them chocolate and touch their beautiful faces – and they may do this with or without your permission. Just go with it, it’s totally normal here.

Here are a few great recommendations from local moms and dads!

Playgrounds, Parques, Plazas!

Every neighborhood has a handful, many of which have carousels, playgrounds and lots of space to run around. Here are some of the best ones :

Parque de Los Ninos – This is a little bit out out of the way and just on the border of Zona Norte but well worth the visit. Situated right on the river, it offers a “beach” , jumping castles, water installations for kids to cool off and many other things. Great place to spend a day!

Palermo Parks

Rosedal, Plaza Alemania and Bosque Palermo are some of the most beautiful parks in the entire city. Built over 100 years ago with sprawling trees, gorgeous landscape architecture and much to offer for both parents and kids alike. Plaza Armenia is another great little gem, a plaza in the center of hip Palermo Soho allowing kids to play, swing and slide in the playground. One of my son’s favorites!

Parque Centenario: Located in between Almagro, Villa Crespo and Caballito; Recently renovated, Parque Centinario is a little refuge centered around a beautiful pond that boasts 4 different playgrounds, one that is only for toddlers and another that looks like a futuristic teletubby planet made out of rubber and plastic. A carosel, an ampitheater, ducks and koi who want your bread crumbs and a large open field equal one of the best parks in the city.


Someday I would love to know how many ice cream places are actually in Buenos Aires. I think it must be an average of 1 for every 2 blocks. I am also always amazed as to when a new place opens up in my neighborhood it always ends of being an ice cream place or pizza and empanadas. You will soon see variety is something that is a rare occurance here in BA and we love our helado! I am personally devoted to the place on my corner that also delivers (!) but honestly, you can’t go wrong. Order Super Dulce de Leche and I am more than sure you will be happy which ever place you choose and your kids will never look at ice cream the same.

Museo de Los Ninos

Museo de Los Ninos is not exactly a “museum” but a definitely a top spot to take kids of all ages. It is like a huge indoor playground with many themes and activities. The weekends are very crowded and it doesn’t open until 1pm but a must do on your list, especially if you need some indoor fun. Located inside the Abasto mall which is filled with stores, food and air conditioning for those super hot Buenos Aires summer days.

Tigre Delta

A gorgeous delta of the Rio Plata about 40 minutes north of the city by car and accessible by train made up of thousands of tiny islands and canals. If you have older kids, you can take a nice kayaking trip within the delta itself and navigate the hidden world that exists there. Otherwise, take the tour boat which is about an hour trip that leaves from the Mercado de Frutas and gives a nice slow tour of the delta and her beauty. In the Mercado itself you won’t find as much fruit but instead local artisan crafts and food, a great place to buy Argentine gifts!

Museums + Zoos

Depending on their age kids love to go to zoos, the Jardin Zoologico a.k.a The Buenos Aires zoo is pretty good for one located inside a city. You can buy a bucket of animal food at the entrance and let your kids feed all the animals, some of whom roam freely. The Zoo was built over 100 years ago so it has some interesting buildings and structures to please the eye. Another zoo worth checking out which is outside of the city is Temaiken, a whole different vibe and setting.

As for museums it depends on what you and your children may enjoy, here are some that are worth checking out :

Family Friendly Places To Eat!

Pretty much anywhere you go no one will bat an eyelash if your kids are loud, wrestling on the floor or if you’re breast feeding your baby at the dinner table.  With that said, here are some local places to take your kids!

Ninina Bakery – there isn’t a play area like a lot of the larger pizza and bistro chains but kids love their food and its probably because they have some of the best baked goods in the city along with organics, fresh juices a great menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For kid centered cafes where there are games and crafts here are a couple recommended places : Cafe Cante Pri  and Casa Muamor also in Palermo.

Enjoy your stay, your kids will love it!