Silvana Muscio’s “La Franca” @ Galeria Dacil Posted on 20 Oct 00:32 , 0 comments

By George Nelson.

Silvana Muscio’s “La Franca” opened Thursday Oct. 9 at Palermo Soho’s Dacil gallery. The photographer’s first solo exhibition showcases a selection of images portraying beauty and disquiet in equal measure.

Silvana Muscio - La Franca at - DACIL - niña humo

The photographs possess a sense of familiarity, like those found in a run-of-the-mill family album. Seemingly innocuous shots of children playing in the garden and grainy landscapes are thinly veiled in a menacing light, pouring into the lens.

This lucidity lingers, subtly engulfing the figures in the photographs — a sinister presence. Initially the landscapes appear bland and generic; closer inspection reveals them to be desolate, almost apocalyptic. The black and white scheme, evident in good handful of the images, adds to the ominous nature of the exhibition; hope may be long gone.

Silvana Muscio - La Franca  - DACIL

However, colour does feature in the show. Rolling cloudscapes hover above murky riverbeds with sections of the photographs lacking clarity. Muscio has employed techniques that make her photographs look more like watercolour canvases, awash with broad brushstrokes and inks bleeding into one another.  The images also refer to the mythical land of “The Delta.”

Dacil opened its doors in 2006 and has since established itself at the forefront of Buenos Aires’ contemporary and expressionist artistic scene. The gallery is committed to respecting individuality and supports Argentine artists by endorsing them locally and internationally.