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Itinerary originally published by Rebecca Litovsky on Rebecca’s International Kitchen.  See the original story and full list of restaurants here.


From September 29 through October 5, restaurants, wine shops, and bars across the city will be participating in the Semana del Vino (Week of Wine), a highly anticipated event that plans on bringing the wine country to Buenos Aires. Surely there’s not much that a whole week of wine won’t set right. Want to take part in Semana del Vino 2014 in Buenos Aires?  Here’s how!

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BA Restaurants: Wine by the Glass

September 29 – October 5

Restaurants all over Buenos Aires will have special wine-by-the-glass menus, offering a range of wines at three different price points. The idea is to allow customers to try a variety of wines with their meals. If you’re stuck in a wine rut, this is the perfect week to try a new wine without the pressure of having to drink a whole bottle. Plus, it’s a great time to check out some of these awesome restaurants as well.

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BA Bars: Special Events & Wine Cocktails

September 29 – October 5

Some really great bars in Buenos Aires are also finding ways to promote wine by making wine cocktails, created specifically for this week. Visit the bars on the list below and ask them about their special wine creations. They’re sure to have come up with some tasty drinks. Tuesday, September 30: Club Verne is hosting Wine@bar, a special wine-party featuring wines by the glass, DJs, and more. Thursday, October 1: Ocho7ocho is hosting Wine@bar, in case you have so much fun Tuesday that you want to party with wine some more.

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Semana del Vino Itinerary

Here’s my itinerary for the Semana del Vino, created so that you can make the most out of this incredible week.

Tuesday, September 30
Go to the Wine@bar party at Club Verne.

Wednesday, October 1
Go to the Nation-Wide Wine Tasting at 7:30 p.m. (from Wine Shop list) or participate in the Virtual Tasting.

Thursday, October 2
Go to the Wine@bar party at Ocho7ocho.

Friday, October 3
Dine at a restaurant and try wines by the glass (from Restaurant list).

Saturday, October 4
Try special wine cocktails at a bar (from Bar list).

Sunday, October 5
Buy 3 bottles of wine you discovered this week and have some friends over for a wine tasting at home (from Wineries list). 

For more information about the Semana del Vino:
Twitter: @SemanadelVinoAR


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