Top 5 Stereotypes About Love And Lust In Argentina Posted on 25 Sep 03:40 , 0 comments

Article by Rachael Leonie.

Perhaps it’s the clash of Latin passion and Euro classicism; the lingering notes of Evita that settle upon the city; or maybe it’s the sexy Argentine accent slipping off wine-soaked tongues –whatever the influence, Buenos Aires perpetuates notions of love, sex, and romance. There’s nobody who doesn’t like a good love story, but how many of Argentina’s dating, gender, and relationship stereotypes are true?  We evaluate the top 5, and reveal the truths laced to this seemingly paradisiacal city of passion.

Stereotype #1: There Is No “Taking It Slow”

The dating scene in Argentina is on crack.  If you’re taken out on a first date, and have a good time with your suitor, don’t be surprised if you meet la vieja (his mother) on the second date.  Considering most young men live with their parents yard lengths past an acceptable age (by American standards), you’ll be forced to meet and greet the fam even if he just wants to swing by home to pick up the movie tickets he forgot.  Oh, and as far as that “sleepover” goes?  If you agree to crash at their place, don’t act so abashed when you have to despedir the entire family the next morning.

Stereotype #2: Argentine Women Are Vicious

Argentine women will not put up with bullshit, hence the reason so many expats new to Buenos Aires are turned off at first. What’s a good way to get accepted?  Be genuine, be yourself, and be open –basically everything you think they’re not.  Once you find the right friends, you’ll discover that Argentine women –like the culture in general—are open, considerate, and overwhelmingly genuine.  That being said, if you’re a guy passing through and looking to schmooze an Argentine lady, suerte …these women were born and bred in a chamullero society, and crying wolf will only make your ego hit the floor faster.

Stereotype #3: Male Chauvinism Runs Deep

In general, yes, however, like with all rules, there are exceptions. Many an Argentine have rejected this stereotype solidified by former generations and have pursued gender equality. This is evident in the roll call of the city’s biggest firms, where female first names sprinkle the roster; in the power couples dominating the creative startups about Palermo and El Centro; and of course apparent in the governmental lineup. And yet, walking down the street of any crowded barrio, you wouldn’t know it is so. Catcalls, whistles, clicking, and hissing teem from the lips of slobbering men on every street corner and passing car.

Stereotype #4: The Men Are Gorgeous

No doubt about it: Argentine men take the spot as simultaneously the world’s sexiest, hottest, cutest, and prettiest beings. End of story.

Stereotype #5: Everyone Is Jealous

In Argentine culture, the jealousy issue seems to be a chicken-egg kind of thing. Whether it is the men who are jealous, so the women in turn have to be, or vice versa, it’s none-the-less a vicious and unrelenting sardonic cycle. But it’s not just Argentines: according to expats residing around Latin America, jealousy rages in relationships throughout the southern continent. However, it’s hard to imagine it’s a strictly-Latino epidemic and it makes a researcher wonder: are Latinos really more jealous or do we just imagine it to be so, to fall in line with the perpetuated stereotype of hot-blooded lovers and scathing passion?