BIOSIGNOS Exhibit Opens Doors and Minds Posted on 13 Nov 18:39 , 0 comments

Translated by Nora Wallenius.

BIO1, Palermo Art Gallery

This month, dacil art gallery presents BIOSIGNOS, a collection of various artists displayed in two different locales, Gallery dacil in Palermo, and Urbana Centro Empresarial.

 Director Jorgelina Dacil Infer and curator Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias introduce works by artists Teresa Pereda, Pablo La Padula, Gabriel Rud, Elena Dahn. BIOSIGNOS aims to create ambiguous areas in the brain, for viewers to indulge in curiosity.  

BIO1, Palermo Art Gallery, Contemporary Argentine Art

dacil opened its doors in 2006, establishing itself as a meeting point for new expressions of contemporary art.  The Palermo gallery promotes art by reaching out to new spaces of expression and exhibition which complement the traditional dissemination channels. Committed to respecting individuality and favoring freedom of creation, dacil supports its particularly eclectic staff of artists by endorsing them both locally and internationally.

In this latest exhibition, which opened on November 13, 2013, the artists display the forces that come into play when creating. Many times these powers are subtle, but can act as a landslide. The artists work in conjunction with the will that directs a doll wielding a pencil or rely on the route of matter and traces its way backwards. BIOSIGNOS aims for the creation of zones of ambiguity, that calls to the spectator to make room for curiosity.

BIO1, Palermo Art Gallery, November Exhibit, Contemporary Argentine Art

Biosignos is an exhibition focusing less on the genre of the artist, and more on the process of how an artist generates ideas.  There are mixed ages and backgrounds, which demonstrates that this diversity can be generated around a general provisional hypothesis.

BIO1, Palermo Art Gallery, November Exhibit

This exhibit opens with an event at Gallery d a c i l on Wednesday, November 13th at 7:00 pm and runs in both galleries through December 14th.

Venue: Gallery dacil, Pasaje Soria 5125, Palermo
Normal hours: Tuesday to Friday 1-7pm
Exhibition ends: Saturday 14 December, 2013