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Article by Sophie Lloyd of Shop Hop BA.

Santiago Artemis Buenos Aires Fashion Designer Trend

Fresh-faced Santiago Artemis is the darling of the Buenos Aires fashion scene. Born in Ushuaia in 1990, he went to Buenos Aires aged 19 to study fashion design at UBA. By the age of 21, he’d already shown his first collection and shot to fame when singer celebrity Katy Perry commissioned him to design four dresses for her. More recently, in February of this year, he took part in the Argentine Fashion Showcase during London Fashion Week. The 23-year old designer is on a mission to change the face of the Buenos Aires fashion scene channeling the more is more aesthetic… and the more flamboyant and glamorous the better. Fashion correspondent Sophie Lloyd of Shop Hop BA meets the fabulous fashionista.

What is your earliest memory of fashion? 
When i was 2 or 3, I used to love watching the Japanese manga cartoon Sailor Moon and the kid’s show El Show de Xuxa. The creativity of the outfits and the colors and textures in both these shows really stuck with me in an incredible way.

Santiago Artemis Buenos Aires Fashion Designer Spring Collection

Photo: Caro Khayat

What are you currently working on?  
I’m working on my ready-to-wear line ARTEMIS that features everyday clothing with a Balmain-ish edge. I’m also working on my exclusive line SANTIAGO ARTEMIS, which is more haute couture and is going to debut in February 2014. The collection is inspired by the late 80s and, in particular, the movie Troop Beverly Hills, which is very over the top and camp yet sophisticated at the same time.

How do you hope to impact the Buenos Aires fashion scene? 
Well, I want to change the fashion industry here. For me, everything here is either basic or minimalist – very Celine or Rodarte – which is fine but I don’t see a niche where you can be over the top and crazy like Lady Gaga, Mcqueen or Viktor & Rolf. That’s the kind of scene I’m aiming for.

If you could dress anyone in the world, who would it be? 
Bjork, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey or Angeline Jolie.

Tell us a bit about your new showroom?

It’s by appointment only and it’s going to be very exclusive. It’s located in the heart of Recoleta on one of my favorite streets, Posadas. It’ll be a chance for exclusive people to get exclusive designs!

Santiago Artemis Buenos Aires Fashion Designer Haute Couture

Photo: Caro Khayat

Describe your own personal style.  How do you decide what to wear in the morning? 
The key to describing my personal style is to understand that the best style comes from a mix of inspirations. I’m heavily influenced by the 80s jet-set knockout glamour (think Dynasty and Knots Landing), the mod 60s, Baroque antique style, the 90s and even the 1930s. I like to mix different elements with my own point of view. I decide what to wear depending on my mood, what I’m feeling like that day. It changes a lot.

Where do you like to shop in Buenos Aires?  
To be honest, I don’t shop like I used to in Buenos Aires. I’m not a big fan of the brands here. I like Delaostia and Ay not Dead but I mostly shop vintage in places like Juan Perez, Quinta Avenida or the Salvation Army.

Santiago’s ready-to-wear line is currently available to buy at or from his showroom.  To make an appointment call 11 4813 0368 or send an email info@santiagoartemis.comFor more information, visit