Luxury Travel in South America – The Hotel Hit List Posted on 21 Oct 17:40 , 0 comments

Expert advice contributed by Nora Wallenius.  

Compiling a list of the top ten hotels of an entire continent is not an easy task.  South America is no exception, as its hotels range from huts on the beach to exquisite resorts in the mountains.  The continent offers many options to stay in a boutique hotels, surf couches, or rent apartments.  I’ve chosen to focus on the most luxurious and fabulous of hotels, those fit for royalty. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the opportunity to stay at each of these hotels, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Take a look at these remarkable hotels, in no particular order.

1. Alvear Palace Hotel (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

If you’re looking for old world style service in new world comfort, you’ve definitely found the right hotel. Built in 1932 and refurbished in 1994, the Alvear Palace Hotel epitomizes first class service in a luxury hotel. Located in upscale the Recoleta neighborhood, guests can expect to be treated like royalty while enjoying the stylishly grandiose rooms and delicious breakfast offerings.

2. Copacabana Palace  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

copacabana palace, rio de janeiro, south american luxury hotels

Imagine waking up to sunlight streaming on your face, ocean breeze wafting in the air, and the sparkling ocean right outside your balcony doors. Yes, you have arrived at the Copacabana Palace. Rooms facing Copacabana beach are recommended for enjoy the full experience of the Copacabana Palace, a large stately hotel that effuses beach vibes for the rich and famous. Lay back, sip your caipirinha cocktail, and enjoy the relaxing ambiance.

3. The Ritz Carlton Santiago (Santiago de Chile)

With everything we’ve come to expect from a Ritz Carlton, the Ritz Carlton Santiago is no exception. Located in tourist friendly and safe neighborhood of Las Condes, the Ritz offers guests classic five star service in the exciting city of Santiago. Surrounded by delicious restaurants and boutique stores and situated next to a convenient metro station, the Ritz Carlton Santiago  provides excellent customer service and comfort in an unbeatable location.

4. The Faena Hotel + Universe (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

faena hotel + universe, buenos aires argentina, south american luxury hotels

It’s an understatement to simply call the Faena a “hotel.” Rather, it is an all encompassing experience, known as the Faena Universe, which includes a world renowned arts center, tango shows, and a luxury spa. The hotel is modern and trendy, styled to perfection in hues of dark maroon and mahogany wood. Stroll through the multiple restaurants, bars, pool, and performance spaces and you will quickly realize you have entered the “Faena Universe.”

5. Hotel Monasterio (Cuzco, Peru)

monasterio hotel, cuzco peru, south american luxury hotels

Originally built in 1595, Hotel Monasterio sits on the site of an ancient Inca palace and was converted from a monastery and chapel into a high-end hotel in 1965. The hotel’s design features historic touches to reflect its rich heritage and is decorated in the elegant Baroque style reminiscent of its unique history. Relax in the peaceful courtyard and enjoy modern-day class in an ancient monastery.

6. Estancia VIK Jose Ignacio  (Jose Ignacio, Uruguay)

If you have been itching to stay in a boutique hotel, the Estancia VIK Jose Ignacio is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. Located in Jose Ignacio, about 20 miles from the popular beach town Punta del Este, Estancia VIK is an incredibly unique hotel with only 12 individually themed rooms available. It is located in the middle of farmland (complete with cows) where guests can relax peacefully poolside overlooking the brilliant sunset.

 7. Hotel Fasano (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Looking for an equivalent counterpart to the Copacabana Palace at rivaling Ipanema beach? Hotel Fasano has it all, including stunning ocean views and excellent food. Lively Ipanema beach is the place to be seen in Rio and Hotel Fasano offers a more trendy, modern vibe. You will feel sleek and cool lounging in artistically designed lounge chairs at the disappearing pool where the young and the beautiful flock.

8. Four Seasons Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Known for years as one of the top hotels in Argentina, the Four Seasons Buenos Aires prides itself on its impeccable service and commitment to all things Buenos Aires, including its theme of polo and porteño decadence. With recent renovations, the Four Seasons has updated its look and feel, bringing modern elegance to its stately lobby and rooms. Along with the plethora of celebrities that stay here, you can enjoy the elegance and comfort of the “Paris of South America.”

9. Sheraton Iguazú Falls (Iguazú Falls, Argentina)

After an exhausting day hiking the renowned Iguazú Falls, it’s a treat to be able to return to your hotel and continue to admire the falls from the comfort of your hotel. The view from Sheraton Iguazú Falls is unparalleled, rendering tourists speechless from all over the world at the magnificent view from the hotel. You will feel like you’ve never left the falls while enjoying first-class hotel service.

10. Charlee Hotel (Medillín, Colombia)  

Two words to describe Charlee Hotel: innovative and sleek. Located in the center of the up-and-coming city of Medillín, the Charlee Hotel makes you feel like you are truly at heart of the city, embracing its sense of style and overlooking spectacular city lights. The unique furniture designs and architecture lend to the edgy feel of the hotel, while the rooftop pool, bar and terrace allow guests to retreat from the hustle and bustle.