I’d Fly Away Posted on 1 Jul 01:15 , 0 comments

Some bright morning, when I have a larger disposible income, I’ll fly away.

I’ll fly away.

To where?

First I’d go to sunny Spain.

Then I’d fly away to Greece, go for a dip in the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean, off of some beautiful island, like Mykonos.

The ancient land would probably whet my appetite for some ancient architecture, so I’d take a pit stop in Rome.

Then I’d probably start to crave the new world, so I’d head south, and go skiing in the Chilean Andes.

And since Patagonia is so gorgeous, I’d visit Bariloche, too.

Bariloche’s Swiss architecture would make me think of Switzerland, so I’d jet back over the pond.

It’s hard to leave Switzerland … but I have so many other places to see.

Where would I go from there?   Maybe Seoul, Jaipur, Phuket, or Sydney.  Maybe Shanghai, Nairobi, Moscow, or Cairo.  Oh, I’d have to see Istanbul, and Copenhagen, and obviously Stockholm …. why stop there?  I’d like to go to the moon.

I have a lot of traveling to do.  I’d like to fly away to some new, unknown destination….