Casi Boyitas: Daniel Garcia on Display at Galeria Mar Dulce Posted on 13 May 01:54 , 0 comments

Galeria Mar Dulce newest show is of Argentine Artist Daniel Garcia, who lives and works out of Rosario.  This show is entitled Casi Boyitas, or Almost Little Buoys.  The show is on display now and closes on June 22nd.  The gallery is open Tuesdays – Saturdays, from 3 – 8pm.

The works presented in Casi boyitas have their origin in a multidisciplinary river expedition that in 2010 united the cities of Buenos Aires and Asuncion via a boat that crawled along the Paraná and Paraguay rivers at a cruising speed of 3-5km an hour.

On joining the expedition, the artist’s thoughts began to flow in the direction of the river, carrying with them memories of things lived, read and heard. He began to reflect on that which the river carries away and that which it returns. He considered that just as light alters its speed as it passes through water, something similar must happen with time: everything in life is fleeting, everything flows, but under the surface everything is slower, denser and darker. Time that flows, trapped inside the river, flows in a different way. He began to form a concept of the river as a frontier, not between one bank and the other, but as a border and passing place between the surface and the depths; a crossing between two worlds, two different memories and two systems of time.

The 10 works in acrylic on paper and the 6 watercolours that form this exhibition are a part of the work were realised in the cabin of the cruiser Paraguay during the expedition. Later the drawings found the poetry of Gilda Di Crosta and the series received its name: Casi boyitas [Almost little buoys]. Both drawings and poems have been brought together in a book of the same title, which will also be on exhibition and sale in the gallery.

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