Buena Vida: The Good Life / Eats in Palermo Chico Posted on 07 Feb 00:08 , 0 comments

Buena Vida means good life.  Good life like fresh squeezed lemonade with mint and ginger.  Good life like being close to the parks in Palermo Chico.   Buena Vida is a small cafe on Bulnes, with bright colors and buena onda.

They make a good, simple lunch, like a toasted ham and cheese with a side salad.

The owner told us that he likes to have his famous clientele sign a plate and he then displays the plates of fame on the wall.

Buena Onda Cafe, Palermo Chico

Good coffee too – which makes life SUPER BUENA:

Buena Onda Cafe, Palermo Chico, Buenos Aires Restaurant

A+ for consistent store branding:

Buena Vida Restaurant Design

Buena Vida
Bulnes 2607