Foto Ruta Weekly: San Telmo Street Photography Posted on 13 Dec 00:04 , 0 comments

The flat streets of Buenos Aires must be the most visually stimulating in the world.  From the great wealth of beautiful architecture, copious street murals and great people watching, every single corner of Buenos Aires is a site to behold.

One company, Foto-Ruta offers a creative way to see the city, learn photography and capture the beauty of the city on film, from the curb.  Foto-Ruta hosts weekly street photography sessions in various neighborhoods, with a fun scavenger hunt to inspire the best street photography.

The tour starts with an intro by co-owner Jocelyn, a professional photographer who shares some great and useful information about design, street photography, and the neighborhood.  The intro session was like an art class.  We learned the basic principals of color, texture, line, pattern and light, and how to incorporate them to create the best photos.

Then, after uncovering a list of ten scavenger hunt creative prompts, or clues, photographers take their cameras to the streets for two hours of shooting.  The group breaks up into pairs or smaller groups to explore the neighborhood.  Upon return, the scavenger photos are uploaded and projected on a large screen for the group to review and discuss.

The excursion reminded me of art class and I learned a lot in the review section about what makes a strong photograph.  I would recommend this tour for any visitors to the city who want to take back some incredible photo souvenirs to remember their trip, and also any residents of the city who want to learn about the best ways to photograph it!

The clues change every tour.  Here were my clues and what I found!

1. Unidentical Twins

Unidentical Twins

2. Reaching for the Sky.

Reaching for the sky

3. Too close to identify.

Too close to identify

4. Dorrego Daydreams.

Dorrego daydreams

5. A pigeon’s picada.

Pigeon's picada

6. The only thing tougher than tango.

The only thing tougher than tango

7.  Not your average tourist.

Not your average tourist

8.  Comico o lindo?  (Laughable or lovely?)

Laughable or lovely

9. Not for sharing.

Not for sharing

10. This is what San Telmo is all about.

This Is What San Telmo is all about.

In addition to the weekly photography sessions, Foto Ruta offers full day photography workshops and post-production editing courses, to really take your photo skills to the next level.   Check them out.