El Tejano, Texas BBQ and Hot Sauce Posted on 23 Nov 00:57 , 0 comments

Meet Larry, a Buenos Aires expat from Texas, with a knack for making some great BBQ:

The Buenos Aires dining scene never becomes boring thanks to the closed doors and pop-up restaurants.  One such closed door, offering traditional Texas BBQ is El Tejano.  El Tejano brings a little bit of Austin Texas, a city that Larry refers to as an ‘irreverent mini-silicon valley linked to the bible belt, where they yuppies line up in their sandals for ten dollar all you can eat BBQ’, to Buenos Aires.  The may be the only place in the city where you can find pork ribs and smoked brisket.  The concept is not to be a pretentious closed door, but to enjoy some good food with friends at an affordable price.

El Tejano Texas BBQ Closed Door Buenos Aires BBQ Corn

El Tejano’s closed door isn’t an exact recreation of Eastern Texas BBQ joints, with their mosquito screens and picnic tables and benches.  The closed door doesn’t show you the wood pile next to the smoker, but does maintain that shared picnic table experience.

There are a lot of similarities between Texans and Argentines when it comes to the culture of barbecue and asados.  At the end of the day, it’s about getting friends and family together, and enjoying a meal.  It’s about sitting down and forming a community.

That being said, Texas BBQ is quite different from the Argentine as asado.  Texas BBQ comes served with sliced bread and pickles and onions, served over red, white and blue table clothes. The biggest difference however, is the sauce.

El Tejano Hot Sauce Buenos Aires

El Tejano is well known for his signature hot sauce, made from his own secret recipe.  He has bottled up the down-home spicy flavor and brought it to Buenos Aires.  It isn’t too peppery, it doesn’t have mustard or vinegar.  It is just pure, smoky, red hot, spicy sauce.  It went great with the brisket.

El Tejano Texas BBQ Closed Door Buenos Aires Brisket
El Tejano Texas BBQ Closed Door Buenos Aires Brisket Sandwich
El Tejano Texas BBQ Closed Door Buenos Aires Hot Sauce
El Tejano Texas BBQ Closed Door Buenos Aires Sugar and Spice Banana Bread

El Tejano offers Homestyle comfort food, delicious brisket and community feel for expats, visitors and Argentines alike.