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By Vivi Rathbone.

It all started on the first day of Roger Hull’s trademark class: 20th Century Art History.

Hull, in his signature round, wire-framed glasses, behind a podium in the lecture hall bearing his name, initiated the semester by asking each student to introduce themselves, state their major and their reasons for taking the class.

Most of the students were third year Art majors who were taking the class to fulfill the history requirement necessary to graduate with a liberal arts degree.  My introduction was equally unmemorable:

“I’m Vivi, I’m a sophomore Art History major, Anthropology minor, and I’m taking this class because I like Modern Art.”

The introductions continued around the classroom until they landed on the girl sitting directly behind me.  Her outfit was perfectly coordinated and her voice that was equal parts bubbly and serious:

“My name is Tatiana Mac.  I’m a Junior Environmental Science and Math Major.  I’m taking this class as an investment in the future dinner parties I plan on hosting and attending.  I think it’s important to be excellent dinner party company and able to speak comfortably about important movements in art and culture with my educated and interesting guests.”

My heart stopped.  I thought to myself: I need to be friends with this girl.

I was suspicious that Tatiana was the coolest person I might ever meet, an idea that was confirmed when we went shopping in second hand stores and when she decided to study abroad in Cairo, Egypt the next semester; because speaking Spanish and Vietnamese was easy, so why not pick up some Arabic, right?

The woman is actually a genius.  She’s so amazing that her ex-boyfriends compose full albums dedicated to her, albums that make Beck’s Sea Change look amateurish in comparison.

So what did she do with the Environmental Science and Math degree, the Arabic and an encyclopedic knowledge of the contents of the Museum of Modern Art?

She started her own web design firm, ATOM Design.

In January, 2011, she stopped through Buenos Aires, where we spent a fabulous week enjoying the city.  After she went home, she approached me with a proposition to redesign My Beautiful Air.  We embarked on an immense project of sorting content, branding a concept and a new design for the blog.  Now, after countless after-office Skype meetings, we launch.

So what is the new site all about?

My Beautiful Air is still, in it’s essence, Vivi’s Expatriated Buenos Aires Lifestyle Blog.

Now it will focus on seven distinct sections:

  • Vivi’s View – My short stories and taxi adventures
  • Visit Buenos Aires – Advice for travelers visiting the city on the best thing to do
  • Expat – Stories about expats and advice on expat life in BA
  • Restaurants – My favorite closed doors and brunch spots
  • Recipes – My own recipe collection of dishes I’ve learned to cook in Argentina
  • Videos and Music – My favorite music and youtube videos. <3 youtube.
  • Travel – Articles about worldwide travel destinations and my personal travelogues

Tatiana, I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t wait for the next project we work on together.  I recommend your talent to anyone who I think worthy of your efforts.  You are a real artist.