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By Vivi Rathbone.

Some friends, the most cool and confident friends, are big enough for a blog post.   Nora has a lot of confidence, she is one inspirational woman.  Today is her Birthday.

I met Nora in a grocery store two winters ago.  Laura and I were burning some time before going to see a movie by making fun of the food products in Disco.  As we laughed over the plethora of gummy candy varieties in a country with so few culinary options, someone spoke at us from the other side of the aisle:


A pretty and tall girl, with whispy waves of soft brown hair, and an even taller gent, well dressed in a stylish trench introduced themselves as James and Nora.  We’ve been friends ever since.  Almost two years later, when Nora was living with me, we realized that the apartment was just around the corner from our Disco of Destiny where our friendship was conceived.

Since then there have been countless dinner parties, new jobs, English students, breakups, despedidas, heart-to-hearts, polo weekends, balcony sessions, crazy cab rides,  new apartments, late night recaps, spa days, and juicy stories over even juicier steaks.

When Nora turned 25, every sentence began with ‘Now that I’m 25….’.  I was envious and couldn’t wait to turn 25, just so I could assert the same introduction to all of my sentences.  Now that I’m 25, and looking back at us a year ago, I’m even more excited to see what life will be like now that you’re 26!  Check us out.


Now: (ish…)

Vivi and Nora at Casa Mun Expat Buenos Aires

Happy Birthday Nora!  Throw your hair over your shoulder like only you can and show us all what the world is like ‘now that you’re 26!’

Con mucho amor,