León Ferrari. Brailles y Relecturas de la Biblia Exhibit MALBA Posted on 26 Jun 01:54 , 0 comments


Leon Ferrari Modern Collage MALBA

Untitled, 1986 (San Pedro), Collage over paper.  source

I spent a leisurely Sunday strolling through the inventively curated gallery spaces of MALBA, or Museo de Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires.  I was caught off guard and completely entranced by the June exhibition: León Ferrari. Brailles y Relecturas de la Biblia.

Sin titulo, 1986 (Ropa Roja), from the series: Relecturas de la Biblia.  Collage on paper. Source.

Mixed media artist León Ferrari was Argentine born, but had his creative start in Italy.  His work spans film, print, collage, script, photography and mixed media and his use of multi-cultural and mismatched historical, religious and political iconography has established him as a leading figure in ‘Conceptual International’ art.  The exhibit includes a series of collages enhanced with Braille script and a shocking and provoking collection of collages which combine 19th century Japanese woodblock prints with the heraldry and religious figures of early renaissance paintings.  His work has been highly criticized, so that’s how you know its good.  Don’t miss this exhibit.

Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415