Berryhill Bacon, Lunch with Dad Posted on 03 Jan 01:17 , 0 comments

I’ve missed quite a few American advances in awesomeness during my two years away, including the iPad, the ability to access Netflix directly on your TV and the fifty new brands of Greek yogurt now available.  Demonstrably the most significant new advance in American life and culture has to be the Bacon Themed Restaurant.  Talk about a dream come true.  (Someone else’s dream that is, I’ve never actually dreamt of bacon.  Yet.)

I’ve never really cared about bacon, until I went two years without it.  Upon return I found I really appreciated, even craved many things I never really cared for before; mostly eggnog and maple syrup.  My father and I enjoyed a simple and simply delicious lunch at Berryhill Bacon; Boise’s hot spot for, as ex-vegetarians refer to it as: The Gateway Meat.   Started with coffee, and I learned that my Dad shares my signature pose:

It wouldn’t be a good bacon themed restaurant without serving the great American classic, the BLT:

I had a turkey sub made with bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato and pesto mayo.  Perfection – full bacon potential realized.

We need a bacon restaurant in Buenos Aires.  Will someone get on that, please?  Until then, guess you’ll have to travel to Boise.

Berryhill Bacon

121 N 9th St # 102

Boise, ID

(208) 387-3553 ‎