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If you don’t stalk my Facebook Page (you should) then you probably wouldn’t know that I just moved.  When I arrived in Argentina I was quite mobile with my solitary suitcase and my jansport, but during my fifth round of BA apartment swap, I had to hire a mover.  Somehow I’ve acquired a couch and picture frames, shoes and books, bedding and lamps.  This is no small feat considering one fundamental truth of Buenos Aires:

There is no Ikea.

So there is no affordable, stylish, build-it-yourself furniture.  Instead furnishing are expensive, difficult to acquire, and those of us who highly value aesthetics and quality find the affordable pieces are not worth possessing.  Second hand furniture is hard to come by because almost no one employs Craigslist ‘for sale’ section.  To make matters even worse, the gorgeous antiques that tease me in San Telmo shops that I much prefer to any museum are completely unaffordable.  Sometimes they don’t even let me in the store.

So where do you go for furniture in Buenos Aires?  The fleamarket in Palermo Hollywood!  It is still expensive, but filled with treasures and unique finds.  Maria, Lauren and I checked it out last Saturday.  The market is housed in an enormous warehouse, filled with vendors selling furniture, antiques and art.

Mercado de Las Pulgas

Niceto Vega y Dorrego