5 Tips from Life Coach Paul Strobl of Confide Coaching Posted on 9 Aug 01:58 , 0 comments

I recently met up with Paul Strobl, BA expat and entrepreneur to discuss his business, Confide Coaching. Paul is a certified life coach who specializes in entrepreneurs and executives who want to shed their inhibitions and find success.

So who is Paul Strobl?

After graduating with a degree in Anthropology, Paul backpacked around the world for five years, spending one year in Buenos Aires teaching English during the 2001-2002 economic crisis. He has his first entrepreneurial endeavor then, when he started changing money for foreigners who were being ripped off by the undefined exchange rate in hotels. He met his wife in BA, and they ended up moving back stateside and settling in Houston. He got his MBA in international business from Thunderbird and started a financial advisory business. Paul’s favorite part of being a financial advisor was getting to know his clients and their goals. He started to think about coaching as a career path, but didn’t make any big changes until a family tragedy caused him to reevaluate his life and let go of his limitations. He made a choice to let go of the stress of a life and career he felt he ‘should’ be doing and set forth on pursuing things he really had a passion for.

He moved back to Argentina and completed a International Coach Certification program. While getting his website and business running, he also gave private wine tours. In the past year he has moved his life and business to Buenos Aires and is coaching Argentines, expats and clients back stateside.

What is Confide Coaching?

So maybe one would assume that a life coach teaches you how to live, but Paul’s coaching strategy is quite the opposite. Paul uses a mixture of techniques from psychology and adult learning to empower individuals by unblocking issues that stay in the way of success. By asking open ended questions, he helps his clients shift perspectives to see their problems in a new light, take action to make changes, and be accountable for those actions. Unlike the ever popular Argentine psychologists and their unending treatment plans, coaching deals with issues and helps institute positive lifestyle changes to put individuals on a path to success.

So I asked Paul to share some coaching tips, and here are five of my favorites.

1. Observe Yourself.

Listen to that voice in your head, you know, the one that is telling you that you don’t have a voice in your head.  Pay attention to how you interpret situations and what things you say to yourself. Be self-aware and question your negative thought processes.

2. Mistakes Are Just Learning.

Mistakes are a learning tool.  No one fears learning, so don’t fear making a mistake.  In any worst case scenario, you can always fix a mistake. Free yourself by losing your fear of messing up.

3. You Can Shrink Your Problems.

When your problems seem to be taking over your focus, gain some clarity by putting your problems in the perspective of your entire life.  Enormous problems today will be distant memories with a little time and distance.  Problems, pain and hardships are temporary opportunities to learn and grow.

4. Listening Is The Most Important Part of Communication.

There are different levels to listening: conversational listening, where we actively respond and empathetic listening, where we suspend judgment and try to see things from the perspective of another. Often with communication it isn’t what you say, it is how you listen that matters, and what questions you ask that really connect you with others.

5. Nobody Makes You Feel Anything, Except Yourself.

People say and do things, and the way you interpret those actions and the meaning you assign to it is what upsets you. Emotions are a psycho-physiological reaction to a thought, so you can control your emotions by changing your thoughts.

If you’re interested in coaching or would like to learn more, check out Paul at Confide Coaching.