Ode to Ice Cream: Volta Posted on 26 Jun 16:03 , 0 comments

Meghan, Puri and I were bored on a sunny Sunday.  It was too cold to go to the parks, but sunny enough that we knew we should be outside.  Nothing was on TV, but we wallowed on Meghan’s futon – channel surfing in total futility.  Puri smoked a cigarette on the balcony and we sprawled out on the couch, tuning out the obnoxious sounds of cumbia music videos on Much – the Argentine version of vh1.  Out of boredom, inspiration was born.  Let’s get ice cream!  I don’t remember who said it.  It was as if it had been one singular thought between our three brains.  We donned our boots and our jackets and headed to Volta.

A debate exists as to what the best ice cream chain in Buenos Aires is.  Some say Persicco, and I tend to agree.  Others favor Chungo, which I do not endorse.  Everyone seems to agree on Volta.  Even on a Sunday afternoon, Volta was completely filled with Argies eating ice cream.

We got a half kilo to go.  One thing I absolutely love about Argentina is that there seems to exist no cultural guilt about consuming excessive amounts of ice cream for no particular reason.  They seem feel the same way about steak and wine.  It was hard for me to overcome my hardwired guilt about sweets and release my suppressed inner ice cream eater, but I’m glad that I did.

Volta’s flavors blow my mind.  When a simple flavor like ‘chocolate’ might satisfy my unaccustomed palate, Volta takes it to a whole new level.  We tried Chocolate Temptation – chocolate ice cream with bites of brownie and shaved chocolate with natural dulce de leche swirled in.  Or take another favorite – Banana Split – sticky, melty ice cream made with real bananas with chunks of chocolate and again mixed with dulce de leche.

They packed it up in a special styrofoam container and we marched home, our spoils in hand.  Upon arrival home our bored mood had lifted with the excitement for the sweetness about to treat our tongues.  We heaped spoonfuls of cold creamy perfection into our bowls and savored every little drip.  When we crashed from our sugar high, we returned to our state of Sunday doldrum, channel surfing the day away.


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