Campo Day in San Antonio Del Areco Posted on 2 Jun 01:00 , 0 comments

Some days are unforgettable.  Dre and I had one of those days.  We were fortunate enough to be invited for a visit to the country by some friends.  We drove out of the city, to nearby country town San Antonio del Areco.

We started the day sampling artisan alfajores over coffee in a local chocolate factory.

We stopped by a local landmark – an old authentic gaucho bar – complete with gauchos!

Then we headed to a nearby polo club, for an asado!  We relaxed while meat cooked over an open fire pit.

While the meat was cooking, Dre tried her first Fernet con coca!

Then the chori pan was ready!  Yum.

After our leisurely lunch in the grass we suited up to go for a ride.  Our hosts were nice enough to lend us full polo garb, to really feel in the spirit.  We wore their game day polos, helmets and chaps.  Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the side pony.

Then we mounted up and went for a lovely walk across the campo.

After an hour or so we headed back to the stables, where we played with puppies and polo players.

I’ll just include another picture of this, in case you don’t already hate me.

The polo game was scheduled for 4pm, so we heated up some water for mate and headed over to watch the game.  While they played, we drank mate and posed for pics.

The sun set and our day in the country ended.  But it was a perfect day and I will never forget it.

Thanks Santi, you’re top 5!  Miss you and love you Dre!

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