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I once saw an episode of I love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel went on a road trip.  Something happened and the car broke down.  The gals got out and tried to fix the problem.  Lucy became frustrated and kicked the car and then let out a string of the angriest sounding Spanish I had ever heard.  I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, and I promised myself that I too, one day would be able to curse in Spanish.  There is something satisfying about knowing colloquialisms and how to use them.  Slang in Argentina is called lunfardo. Here are some very common words you might use in Argentina:

Che – Hey/You/Hey You

  • When in doubt, add ‘che’ onto any sentence.  If you don’t know someone’s name, call them ‘Che’.  If you want to get someone’s attention shout out ‘che!’ and if you want to learn some Argentine history, look up El Che.
  • Example – “Hola che.”

Boludo – Stupid/Dummy/Buddy

    • When someone does something stupid, call him a boludo.  When you’re feeling saucy with your friends, call them ‘boludos’.  Just be careful not to say this in a formal setting!
    • Example – “Che, boludo!” (Hey, stupid!)

Plata – Money

  • This is interchangeable with dinero.
  • Example: “Che no tengo plata, boludo.” (I don’t have money, dude.)

Trucho – Fake/Phony

  • When you’re talking about the knockoff soccer jerseys sold in the street, cointerfeit money or someone’s silcone enhanced body parts, use ‘trucho’.
  • Example: Che boludo esta plata es trucha! (Hey dummy this money is fake!)

Dale – OK/Expression of Agreement/Lets Go

  • This is interchangeable with ‘ok’. Can also mean ‘lets go’.
  • Example: “Te sirvo mas pasta?” “Dale.” (May I serve you more pasta? OK)
  • Example: “Dale mas rapido, llegamos tarde!” (Go faster, we’re late!)

Want more?  I know you do.  Check out this awesome Argentine Slang Dictionary!