A Peruvian Meal to Remember Posted on 22 Jan 00:09 , 0 comments

Driving through the Valle Sagrada, tucked up among the high mountains of Peru, we stopped for lunch at an amazing hotel.  In front of the hotel was a stable, so we were greeted by beautiful horses as we made our way towards the entrance.

Inside the hotel was very stylish.  Art was incorporated into the decorating scheme, and the walls were brightly painted.  It was gorgeous.

We made our way outside to the patio where we were seated for lunch on picnic style tables. We started with a colorful salad.  All the dishes were shared family style.

There were tons of appetizers passed around the table, including empanadas, freshly baked bread and this dish of meat skewers, corn on the cob and mini tamales.  Corn is an important Peruvian crop.  I thought the meat skewers were so delicious!  It wasn’t until after I’d finished that I discovered that it was beef heart.  That made me feel sick, but I can’t deny how good it tasted.  Sometimes you’re better off not knowing I guess. 

We ate so many appetizers that we forgot the main course was still yet to come!  We were served chicken and fish that were cooked in these outdoor ovens.

These dishes were accompanied with a side of potatoes, another important crop for Peru.  I loved the dish-ware.  Everything had style.

Save the best for last!  Dessert was amazing.  We passed around a trio platter of tasty delights.  My favorite were the chocolate and candy covered berries.  I couldn’t get enough!

They also had homemade sweet potato doughnuts served with syrup.  They were heavenly.

And a bowl of fruit for good measure.

During the meal, this beautiful woman performed a dance barefoot on the lawn.  Her dance partner was the horse!

After the meal we walked around and checked out the stables.  My brother Pete made friends with this guy.

What a beautiful place.  The Sacred Valley really did feel sacred and special to us that day.

A beautiful meal in a beautiful location shared with my lovely family.  It was a day I will never forget.  Thank you Mom and Dad for such an amazing time in Peru.