Termas Cacheuta – Not to Miss in Mendoza Posted on 09 Dec 07:09 , 0 comments

People go to Mendoza for the wine.  Tourists ride bicycles or even horses from vineyard to vineyard, tasting Malbecs and Torrontes.

Well not us!  Blair and I decided that alcohol and bike riding do not mix and that we would much rather spend a day pampering ourselves at the most luxurious Termas Cacheuta Day Spa.

The TermaSpa is a gorgeous oasis built up around a natural hot springs, overlooking a rocky canyon of the Mendoza River.  A small, rustic hotel operates year round, but it’s backyard is the real attraction.

The owners have converted the hot springs into a sort of outdoor Roman bath.  Small pools of varying degrees of thermal water compose a circuit, where bathers can soak the day away.  The pools are made from smooth river rocks, and shaped to fit into the natural habitat.  The temperatures range from very hot, to tepid.

When you’re finished soaking, you can take a mud bath!  Bathers cover themselves from head to toe in brown clay and then bake in the sun until dry.  Then, using a high powered shower, bathers spray themselves clean.  My skin felt incredibly soft afterwards!

After a long leisurely morning, lunch is served.  Bathers don their cushy bathrobes and meet at the hotel dining room to eat a very impressive creole buffet, which includes asado and many vegetable side dishes.  It was delicious.

After lunch, take a dip in the beautiful pool, or lay out and soak up the desert sun.

In the afternoon we went back and completed the spa circuit again!  Which of course included another mud bath!!  Blair was styling in the bathrobe:

And then 5pm came around and we had to leave…we took an overnight first class bus back to Buenos Aires.

Termas Cacheuta was the highlight of Mendoza, so don’t miss it!  For families with smaller kids, there is a thermal water park nearby.

Find out more or make your reservations here.