What’s for Dinner? Posted on 09 Sep 10:21 , 0 comments

Long after the sun sets, Argentines go home for dinner.

I am finally easing out of vacation mode, and reluctantly going back into real world mode.  I have been home for two weeks, but not until today did I feel like cooking again.  A little bit anyway.

I watched while my Argentine roommate prepared a delicious peceto.  The meat was slathered with brown sugar and mustard, and baked in the oven until the outside is crispy, and the meat is fully cooked, but still sweet and juicy.  Unfortunately by the time the meat was completed, I was already in bed asleep.

Here is a helpful diagram if like me, you want to know what peceto is:

I made a vegetable tart, a main staple in my limited repetoire of Argentine dishes that can exclude meat.

I steamed fresh spinach, and grated two zapallos for the filling, adding pesto to taste.  Then I added three eggs, mixed together and poured into a pastry crust.  I added some tomato for color, and baked in the oven for forty minutes.

I wasn’t a fan of the pastry crust, but the vegetable filling was delicious.

What did you have for dinner?