My Beautiful Spring Posted on 30 Aug 12:16 , 0 comments

Spring? Was that you peeking through my curtains this morning? I started to worry that you weren’t coming. It’s been so long…oh how I’ve missed you.

When my alarm jolted me up from a deep sleep, I was so surprised to see my red curtains glowing.  “Did I oversleep?”  I worried, and checked my clock.  7:30 on the dot.

Leaping from my bed I ran to the window.  I peeked outside in disbelief.  The sun had risen.  The light had changed.  Spring, you surprised me, snuck up on me when I least expected you.  I thought Winter might continue perpetually.

With the fresh feeling of a new year beginning, I started my day optimistically.  The dreary Winter days are now behind me.  Soon I can say goodbye to my heavy winter coat.  Flowers will bloom and freckles will decorate my face.  I will breath sweet warm air again.

Goodbye Winter winds, harsh cold and short dark days.  My dear Spring is coming soon.  And just in time.  I might not have made it much longer.