5 Favorite Plastic Surgery Enthusiasts Posted on 11 Aug 14:38 , 0 comments

I was zapping (Argentine for channel surfing) through the TV channels over the weekend, and stopped on a program similar to ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  I was absolutely shocked by how much bad plastic surgery you can see on TV, especially in Argentina.  Here are my five favorite Argentine plastic surgery enthusiasts:

5. Anibal Pachano

It’s hard to take dancer/choreographer/Bob Fosse wannabe Anibal Pachano seriously with that mustache, but at least it distracts from the eye lift.

4. Graciela Alfano

Her resume boasts many movies over the last few decades, and when looking at pictures of her earlier in her career it is almost impossible to recognize the plastic woman she has become.

3. Carmen Barbieri

Yet another accomplished ‘cirguria esthetica‘ enthusiast is actress and TV host Carmen Barbieri.

2. Susana Gimenez

Self proclaimed ‘Diva Argentina’ is a notable local entertainer.  A charismatic and energetic performer boasts some dramatic facial features.  Fear of aging never looker scarier.

That being said, this video is pretty awesome:

1. Ricardo Fort

Possibly the most famous (ala mode du Paris Hilton, aka being famous for being famous) is Mr Ricky Fort.  The man, the chin, the legend.


Maybe as an American I seem hypocritical judging the vanity-induced surgery culture of Argentina seeing as how my country has produced Michael Jackson and Heidi Montag.  Plastic surgery is a global, not local phenomenon.  Am I the only one who thinks that undergoing surgery solely for cosmetic purposes is unnecessary and saddening?  Famous or not, I think everyone feels pressure to look a certain way; but when the standard of beauty is so unattainable, that we end up paying large sums of money to painfully mutilate our bodies…well maybe it is time to change the standard of beauty.  I begrudge no one their boob job, only seek to question what has become ‘the norm’.