Daniel Juarez’s Little Fetishist Altar Posted on 15 Jul 14:50 , 0 comments

Encased in fake black patent leather, Juarez has installed a negative version of the white altar he keeps at home: A shrine to works of Argentine artists like Fabiana Barreda and Marta Minujin, among other fetishes of his. A 3D scan of the original, this is a kind of Solaris reconstruction, where only forms and volumes exist; the meaning seems to have moved to another planet.

The original shroud of Christ’s face, the veil of Veronica, has been said to anticipate the photographic image for its indexical qualities. Here, Juarez has submerged religious icons in an ocean of glossy black paint: A statue of Christ stands on a pink pedestal and a holy shroud that all visitors love to touch (Is it dry?) shines on the wall right next to a biker’s skull.

A site-specific installation at the back of the gallery — bearing garlands that read “The king of rotten flesh” over the pierced silhouettes of animals and more skulls — recalls Damien Hirst´s For the love of God (2007) and The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (1992) which is a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde.

In Juarez’s universe, these images connect with a wedding portrait and a series of snapshots of that celebration. The photographer crafted all pictures with characters’ wearing masks over their eyes and foreheads in glossy black, white, pink and golden fake patent leather. Strangely, they seem to regard the holy icons on the opposite wall with a benevolent humanity.

Daniel Juarez, Pequeño altar fetichista para un joven coleccionista

Through July 31st.

Bisagra Arte Contemporáneo

Bonpland 1565, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gallery Hours:

Monday through Friday 15 – 20

Saturday 10.30 – 13.30

Pictures by Daniel Juarez