Making Money Teaching English in Buenos Aires Posted on 4 Jul 16:29 , 0 comments

Its hard work to make ends meet as an English teacher in Buenos Aires.  You can expect to teach between 18 and 25 hours a week, and for every hour of teaching, you can expect about 30 minutes of travel time and 30 minutes of preparation.  It’s a lot of work, and you’re only paid for a portion of it.  If you can find cheap rent you should be able to have enough left over at the end of the month for a few meals out.  I recommend not living in Palermo, where a high tourist population has raised the rent prices.  It’s easy to live cheaply in Buenos Aires…but it’s a lot more fun not too.  I strongly recommend bringing as much savings as you can, you might need it to live off of until you start getting a full time teaching schedule, which can take up to three months.