Paloma Zamorano lights up the night Posted on 19 May 13:42 , 0 comments

Tucked into the blacked-out basement of Zavaleta Lab, Venezuela 571 in San Telmo, Paloma Zamorano’s ecstatic lightboxes, constructed out of hundreds and hundreds of film frames, create movement without moving, evoking the ideas of mandalas, meditation, mosaics, kaleidoscopes and hypnosis wheels. Suzanne from Holland, one of the small group who took my San Telmo Art Walk yesterday, said that the individual strips reminded her of the disks used in View-Masters.

Whatever the associations, they fascinated all of us with their bursts of color in the dark and the discovery that these sublime objects contained so many mundane ones: Photos shot off television screens showing telenovelas; shots from the animated film Stuart Little; found footage of go-go girls from the 70s, all cast in an orangey-pink glow; touristy snaps of Buenos Aires; images chosen for their patterns, of walkways, stairwells, wallpaper; and a strange sequence of rusty-orange habit-wearing nuns.

It’s a toss-up whether Zamorano’s work gets more or less immersive when viewed with your nose to the glass; but, they did keep us moving forward and back in front of them, taking in all the details we could.

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