April In Buenos Aires / A Review In Photos Posted on 28 Apr 23:44 , 0 comments

These photos of the city have been collected from an incredible group of photographers on Instagram.  Stay up to date on the best photos of the city, follow @mybeautifulair.

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Pilar Shining in Recoleta

Photo by @Flopereira (Check out her fashion blog / Penny Lane)

instagram / architecture / recoleta / @flopereira

Buen Dia Buenos Aires

Photo by @mariieraymond

instagram / sunset / @mariieraymond

Soft Fall Light Falls on Retiro

Photo by @ozzcasale

instagram / architecture / retiro / @ozzcasaleAn Afternoon In El Centro

Photo by @santi.repetto

instagram / architecture / @santi.repetto

Tree Lined Streets

Photo by @nit77 

instagram / trees / street view / @nit77

Light Hits Teatro Colon

Photo by @mary_martinez

instagram / teatro colon / @mary_martinez

If Magritte Went To the Verduleria

Photo by @matipix (check out his photography)

instagram / verduleria / @matipix

 A Peek of Casa Rosada

Photo by @fernandalocu

instagram / casa rosada / architecture / @fernandalocu

Tile Style

Photo by @alearretureta

instagram / tile style / @alearretura

Sunlight Pouring Through The Trees

Photo by @fernandalocu

instagram / sunlight / @fernandalocu

Magical Sunset Like Only Buenos Aires Can

Photo by @deunaman

instagram / sunset / deunamanThree Lives, Three Balconies

Photo by @rominapow (See her design page here)

instagram / balcony / @rominapow

Daily Dose of Art Deco Architecture

Photo by @danugilburt

Instagram / Art Deco / Architecture / @danugilburt

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