The Rebirth of We Are Tango: Tango Show and Cultural Art Space Posted on 22 Jun 06:00 , 0 comments

You are officially invited to the opening of the new and improved We Are Tango. After a brief hiatus, the interactive tango show has re-opened its doors in Almagro – BA’s unofficial tango neighborhood. After a short renovation period, We Are Tango continues to redefine what a tango show should be and how we as an audience are able to interact with the music and dance form. The show is now held at La Hormiga Del Oro, a cultural center where the show can thrive in a professional yet cozy artistic space. It invites viewers to fall in love with the music, understand the history of the dance form and enjoy that special essence that is tango in Buenos Aires.

Upon arrival to the beautifully remodeled venue in Almagro, I was prepared a refreshing cocktail of Italian orange-peel aperitif Hesperidina, grapefruit juice, and cucumber. Our host for the night ushered my date and I to a romantic table for two. I was pleased to note that the other guests were a mix of Argentines and foreigners, couples and friends. We Are Tango is a far cry from most tango tourist traps, with an eclectic mix of those who are learning about tango and those who have loved it for years. I ordered a second Hesperidina (because why not?) and settled into my seat. Shortly, the show began and there was no turning back.


The purpose of We Are Tango is to demonstrate there is no one singular definition of tango, rather it is encompassed in feeling, emotion, and spirit. This spirit winds its way through the entire evening, from the skillful fingers of the musicians, to the dancing feet of the two tangueros, to the warble of the tango singer’s voice. The music was the best live tango music I have heard in Buenos Aires and the dancers blew me away with their fluidity and grace. Our host guides us through the history of tango, beginning with its Gaucho influence, arrival to Buenos Aires, city cultural influence, and recent musical modernization. During an intermission, we are served our authentic Argentine picada of ham, salami, cheese, and bread. Oh, and unlimited boutique wine of course. A perfect snack to sustain us during the show.


The mood of the room is intimate which allows for each guest to have a personal connection with the performance. There’s no such thing as a bad seat in the house and that’s exactly how We Are Tango wants their tango show. Sitting down at the end of the evening with directors Facundo and Virginia, they explain that the goal of the evening is to create a welcoming and accessible environment to experience tango. Those from all over the world can sit down and relax, eat a delicious picada and drink a glass (or five) of impeccable Argentine wine, and learn about this art form that began in the streets of Buenos Aires. Here, tango is touchable and familiar, even if we are still unable to define it.

We Are Tango is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8:30 pm.

We Are Tango

Av. Medrano 688, Almagro

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