About Us

Buenos Aires Art Tours is your invitation to explore everything arts and culture that makes Buenos Aires such a unique and vibrant city. 

Buenos Aires Art Tours is the physical manifestation of our sister company, My Beautiful Air, an arts and lifestyle website. My Beautiful Air - an interpretive translation of Buenos Aires - is a collaborative resource that captures the energy of this city and its inhabitants.  

We wanted to do more than share our experiences with words. We wanted to invite you to create your own first-person narratives. Inspired by our own journeys to find out what makes this city tick, we want to give you the chance to explore it as well. Whether it be gallery hopping through Palermo, learning about the colorful history of San Telmo, exploring the sudden popularity of microbrews or snapping pictures in lesser visited neighborhoods, let us be your guides to this beautiful southern metropolis. 

Contact us:


Rivadavia 4237 PB#3

54 15 3435 9093